Software Development and Multimedia Services:

Software development involves methods and practices for developing and deploying applications.

Traditionally, software development was confined to just addressing “specific” problems, using a specified programming environment and specific skill-set.

The present eco-system, however with the likes of cloud computing, has become more “generic, parameterised and requires a broader solution space

Developing software in this environment poses an array of challenges and demands a new breed of software professionals possessing a holistic understanding, multi-skill sets in different programming framework, language and environment.

• What are the guiding principles for developing software in the contemporary world?

• What are the best practices for developing software to a service-oriented world?

• What are the tools and techniques that should be adopted for developing software for a service-oriented world?

• How does one, test components and services in a service-oriented world?

• How are quality and performance measured and assured in this new world?

Just like the convergence of voice and data in today’s world, software development has combined computational, workflow and visualisation aspects as seen in the social computing world comprising the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We strongly believe that this convergence will only extend and envelope the corporate computing world rendering social computing as the present (and near future) trend in software systems.

At Anahas we provide consultancy and delivery services through the entire product life cycle starting from planning, designing, delivery up-until deployment through the combination of traditional computing, workflow and business processes with multi-media developments, leveraging multi-media technology for visualisation, design and aesthetics.